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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


God Wants to Encounter You

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The goodness of God is overwhelming. It is expansive and stretches your heart. My clients have told me:  It may sound crazy, but at first, when the goodness of God came on me it was glorious, blissful, happy. I hadn’t felt this good in years. When it didn’t stop, I felt as though my heart were going to burst. I didn’t know if I could contain it… I thought my heart was going to break open. Then I remembered what you had told me, it was like He, or something was cracking me open, filling me with His love, overwhelming me with pure goodness. He was breaking into my heart, opening me up. It was spiritually heavy, I asked Him to stop. I thought I was going to burst, I was so happy.

People everywhere want to experience God. Perhaps they call it love, or a peace of mind. But, humans crave to feel just for a moment that all is well with my world. Many call this a divine encounter.

A “sacred journey” accomplishes this desire. It is the most relaxing, personal experience anyone can embark upon.


The Sacred Journey is a personalized way of relaxing into the experience of listening to God’s heart for them. Most participants are literally overwhelmed with the experience of being loved by God.

Once we have resources to proceed further, we seek specific healing from God for the aspects of personality and relationship that has caused fear and suffering in the past.


The Sacred Journey is a peaceful, relaxing, spiritual experience that brings integrity to the heart and mind.


I have been helping people embark on Sacred Journeys for many years now, and still it takes my breath away what the Lord has to show others.He is gentle, compassionate, and always a kind.What is it that you want to bring to Him?Are there wounds?Do you seek closeness with Him, whatever it is, He will meet you more than half way, I guarantee it.

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