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"Raymond, your steadfast commitment to our healing can never be repaid. You are a man with God’s heart."


Services ProvidedTreatment ForFees

I am here to serve you with:
Counseling, Education, Therapy, Coaching and above every professional skill – compassion.


Couples Counseling

Sex Addiction and Intimacy Therapy

Marital Therapy

Christian & Faith Based Therapy

Mindfulness Interventions

Emergencies & Crisis Sessions

Life Coaching

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Distance & Phone Counseling

Treatment For:

Intimacy Issues

Trauma Recovery

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Issues)

Anxiety & Depression

Addiction & Recovery

Men’s Issues

Women’s Issues

Fears & Phobias

Anxiety and Panic

Divorce Prevention & Re-Adjustment if a divorce occurs

Chronic Emptiness

Grief, Loss & Bereavement

Change & Transition

Infidelity, Affair Recovery

Life Purpose/ Meaning / Inner Guidance

Mid-Life Transition

Spiritual Issues

Unrequited Love

Body Image

Self Hate & Self Harmful Behaviors

Addiction Treatment for:

Alcohol & Drugs

Sex and Pornography 

Gambling & Risky Behavior

Love Addiction

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for:

Sleep Issues

Weight loss

Sex Addiction

Cancer treatment support

Prescription Drug Withdrawals

Hypnotherapy has been documented to positively effect over 100 disorders with no side effects. It is the endorsed method of treatment by the British and American Medical Associations. A scientific comparison found 66 sessions of psychoanalysis, 16 sessions of cognitive therapy, and 6 sessions of hypnotherapy to have similar outcomes.  Hypnosis is effective, deep and permanent. For clients with spiritual yearnings hypnosis allows a departure from self-limiting barriers so that one can truly experience a liberating, life-giving, relationship with grace and truth through God.

The Myths surrounding Hypnosis have been repeatedly disproved. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis the client is always in control of the outcome. No one can make you do something you do not want to do. The client is aware of everything said and done. As a Christian therapist, Dr. Jones protects the integrity and safety of each person to ensure they receive all the benefits of a relaxing, peaceful meditative / integrative experience.

Sex Therapy

Sex is the hottest topic around. Our lives are inundated daily with sexuality because without it we no longer survive as humans. Sexuality a major part of being human. With so much shame surrounding sex, misinformation, drama and trauma concerning sex, it is a wonder we are not worse off than we are. Sometimes someone needs is a little education, mature, balanced information and they’re good to go. Other times some need counsel, a little advice, and safe conversation to get healthy. At other times people need therapy, deeper, skilled treatment for sexual issues. All levels are found at the Aspen Center, in Dr. Raymond Jones.

Sexual development, sexual identity, sexual companionship, sexual fantasy, desires and healthy sexuality are all given equal space at the Aspen Center. Dr. Jones knows how to grow a healthy, sexual being who feels comfortable in their skin, who overcomes the shame of unhealthy experience, and grow into the most healthy, spiritual, intimate sex ever. Neither “sexless love, or loveless sex” need exist any longer when you hire Dr. Jones to help you grow and develop your sexual self.


Sexual addiction is a complex addiction but there is hope! As a trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSATR), I have completed training developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes which required attendance at multiple training modules and supervision with a CSAT Supervisor. It also requires ongoing education so that ASATs/CSATs such as myself are experts in providing sexual addiction therapy. It is a rigorous process designed to help me best help you.

Learn more about treatment for sex addiction including an initial (free) sexual addiction screening assessment, please visit If you are a partner, take the Partner Sexuality Survey


Creativity: the use of imagination in the creation of art. This is not art to be sold, this is art that expresses what words and logic cannot. This is the integration of right and left brain to produce more than the client anticipated. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a metaphor is worth a thousand paintings. The breakthroughs experienced while integrating both halves of the brain are literally life changing. The pictures created tell an impressive story of transformation that can be vividly remembered decades later, it’s that powerful. Dr. Jones is gifted at knowing how to evoke transformation through creative expression.

A Statement about Humor and Grace

Shame has robbed humans of life, love and freedom. For over 27 years, Dr. Jones has been using the powerful skills of humor and grace to successfully combat the effects of shame. Clients feel safe with him, accepted, and respected. He is not on this planet to judge, shame or condemn others. He is naturally funny, and accepting. Come experience what it is like to be seen through the eyes of Heaven.


Dr. Jones has a compassion for those who are in pain. His intention is to serve people the best he can, and take care of his family simultaneously.

Dr. Jones accepts cash, checks, Visa and Master card.  Payment is due at the beginning of every session.

Sessions are booked for 50, 75 and 100 minutes. Although a typical session with Dr. Jones is 100 minutes. Upon agreement, the frequency of sessions can be reduced to every other week which saves travel time for busy lives.

In the initial consultation you and will receive:
1. A private consultation.
2. An assessment of the severity of the problem, who is part of the solution, what you can reasonably expect from a successful treatment, and markers to know you’re gaining traction towards the solution.
3. A menu of possible interventions and resources ranging from free to expensive interventions.
4. Referrals to local resources if it is not a good mix for you to work with Dr. Jones. He will take good care of every person sent his way.

Hourly Rate: $150.00 per session (50 minutes per session)
Weekly, bi-weekly and weekend sessions are available upon mutual agreement.

Reduced Fees: Please contact my office directly to see when sliding fees are available.  These are offered to a limited number of clients. All of the staff here are friendly and compassionate. We will do everything we can do to help.

Payments are made at the beginning of the session to reserve your next session. Monthly payments are encouraged.

Pay Online

1. No charge is issued for vacations.
2. No charge is issued when Dr. Jones is unable to meet at the appointment time.
3. Because other work is denied when time with you is scheduled, a fee is issued when you cancel without 24 hours notice.
4. A grace time of 15 minutes is afforded to both client and therapist.