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About Dr. Jones

Every person I work with has a Hero inside, and a journey they have to take.

It energizes me to see the life, the love, strength and beauty manifested in the lives of the people I work with.

Dr. Raymond Jones HeadshotI love seeing sorrow turn into hope and I love seeing that spark of joy return to the eyes of my patients. My entire practice is dedicated to bringing peace and connectedness to those who I treat. In order to do so, I have continued to cultivate my skills and diversify my repertoire with the best tools and techniques for serving my clients.
Years of experience have shown me that Psychotherapy combined with the tools of Hypnotherapy can be one of the most effective treatment approaches for a number of spiritual, emotional and psychological maladies. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. Hypnotherapy combines the power of story, relationship, and spirituality to reach beliefs set in motion sometimes from childhood. Every hour of our lives, whether we are awake or asleep, our conscious and subconscious thoughts are invaded by toxic guilt, anxiety, distractions, shame, worry, anger and a whole host of other negative emotions that distort our outlook on life and self regard. Our time together lets us turn down this noise and, for a few blissful moments, enjoy complete internal quietude and clarity. This is a truly unique experience that few individuals can attain in their day-to-day and the insights and revelations that my patients and I make during these sessions can be truly life changing.

I bring a Christian world-view, I respect your faith. Working together we will help you:

• Cope with past traumatic experiences and sexual abuse
• Rediscover passion, love and companionship in your relationships
• Eradicate cravings for harmful substances or behaviors and heal the spiritual wound that gave rise to your additive behavior
• Reconnect with God and spirituality in a way that is meaningful to you. As a professional, I am respectful of my client’s beliefs and will support you as you become authentic in your own faith

I have met so many people through my work who have all been at different stages of their emotional or spiritual journey, yet I’ve found that we are all on the same path. We all seek contentment, fulfillment and a deeper connection with those we love and those who love us. As humans we all crave to have lives of meaning, purpose and love. Although each person I meet is a unique individual with his or her own personality, needs and goals, I offer each new client the same life changing gift: hope. This is good news for those who have fallen into disappointment, disillusionment and despair. Hope is essential for good therapy.

Hope is what I’m offering you as well. As you take that next important step along your journey, I will be your spiritual guide, your champion, your mentor, your sidekick, your confidante, your squire, your caddy, your counselor, your personal assistant, your coach, your court jester, your anchor or your helmsman. I will play that critical role that will give you the strength to reach your destination and find peace.
Whatever troubles you, I encourage you to give me a call. We’ll enter into the mystery together. I always want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome in my office. It becomes our “sacred space” for change. Our environment is strictly non-judgmental and we celebrate all personalities and creeds. You’ll find the atmosphere here to be affable, yet professional; light-hearted yet earnest; honest, yet understanding. When you walk through our door, you will feel as if you’re being welcomed into a place of peace and comfort.

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