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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Christian Counseling San Gabriel Valley

About Christian Counseling | San Gabriel Valley-based Dr. Raymond Jones

As a trained psychotherapist, Dr. Raymond Jones is experienced in a variety of counseling techniques. He works with those battling addiction, patients who are dealing with depression and fatigue, and couples who are seeking marriage counseling. Pasadena clients and those from throughout the region who have chosen Dr. Jones can attest to another of his skills: his Christian counseling.

San Gabriel Valley residents who have not sought therapeutic support may be unfamiliar with this idea of Christian counseling. Sometimes, patients want a psychotherapist who adheres to a world view with which they are familiar. Dr. Jones has found that the tenets of Christianity combine perfectly with his approach to the counseling relationship.

This should not be confused with what others might think of as “Christian counseling.” San Gabriel Valley clients should not expect proselytism, a hidden agenda, or insistence upon religious beliefs that are contradictory to the patient’s own. Also, clients do not need to fear accusations or blame-laying. Dr. Jones does not believe that this method benefits patients or addresses the root causes of the issues that they face. His goal is to provide patients with justice: not a reckoning for past mistakes, but a return of the emotional safety and confidence that has been taken from his patients.

Dr. Jones offers clients the type of acceptance and compassion that may have been withheld in other experiences or in other treatment programs. He provides a moral compass and shows patients a standard by which they can evaluate their own lives. In addition, he shares faith and hope in some of the most difficult circumstances that an individual or couple will face. This grounded approach keeps people believing in the process and leads them towards success.

In addition to his doctorate in psychology, Dr. Jones holds a Master of Divinity degree. The MDiv is a professional program that allows for advanced studies in the theory and ideas of religion. Using this background, Dr. Jones has worked with those fighting addictions and has supported individuals as they have overcome past traumas and unwanted behaviors. He creates a safe environment in which patients are able to address their pasts, eliminate the negative emotions tied to them, and live happier lives.

Dr. Jones’ Christian counseling also plays a role in his work as a marriage counselor (he is a state-licensed Marriage Family Therapist.) He teaches couples to listen more deeply to one another, to be more authentic in their interactions, and to care for each other without guilt or fear. While these are basic pillars of Christian love, they are also central to a happy marriage.

Whatever your therapeutic need, consider the ideas that define your world and your aspirations. If you find strength in the perspective of Christian faith, consider Dr. Jones for your treatment.

Learn more about Dr. Jones’ approach to Christian counseling. San Gabriel Valley clients can set a confidential discussion with his office by calling (626) 332-1595.