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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Marriage Counseling San Gabriel Valley

About Marriage Counseling | San Gabriel Valley Offices of Dr. Raymond Jones

It is important for a couple to recognize when it faces challenges that could be improved by marriage counseling. San Gabriel Valley partners who have committed their lives to one another can experience these challenges whether they have been together for three years, five years, or fifteen years.

People cannot always anticipate these issues, but they should know that there are paths to resolving them. It is possible for couples to identify the problems they have, to move beyond damaging patterns that are hindering their relationship, and to rekindle their emotional and physical closeness. That is why many couples turn to marriage counseling.

San Gabriel Valley’s Dr. Raymond James has almost thirty years of experience as a professional psychotherapist. In addition, he is a state-licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT).

Dr. Jones understands that the challenges that some couples face stem from deeper-seeded emotional and behavioral problems. This could be traumatic experiences in past relationships. Or, it could be current problems such as drug abuse or behaviors that require addiction counseling. San Gabriel Valley patients have benefited from his varied areas of focus, his advanced training and innovative techniques, and his faith-based approach.

Dr. Jones’ work in marriage counseling differs with the couple’s needs. In some marriages, arguments between the two people have created a “stalemate.” Both of the people in the relationship feel as though they are in a familiar dance that they cannot stop. Both say that the other has all of the power, and both believe they are incapable of doing anything about it.

In other instances, a relationship can develop into a “sexless marriage.” Dr. Jones characterizes this as both a physical and an emotional issue. When a couple has ceased its romance of one another, it can create conflict in the marriage and stir up problems in its most fundamental aspects, such as trust, sharing, and friendship. These are issues that can be repaired through sensitive guidance by a trained professional. One of Dr. Jones’ greatest joys is seeing the couples he counsels regain that “voltage” that leads to greater intimacy.

Whatever the situation, the problems for which couples seek counseling often stem from faulty perspective and a lack of communication. Dr. Jones helps people break the hypnotic state of fear, anger, and blame that underlies many of the conflicts in a marriage. Through their work together, he shows clients how to take responsibility for their lives and their choices. He teaches them ways to give from the heart, to focus on seeing one another anew, and to redevelop a sense of service to the other. Ultimately, each person in the relationship sets aside the ego that has been insisting, “What about what I want?” Instead, the two people reconnect with a desire to do what is best for the partnership.

Through marriage counseling, San Gabriel Valley couples can rediscover themselves and one another. Schedule a confidential discussion with Dr. Jones by calling (626) 332-1595.