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"Jack and I dated for six years, and it wasn’t until our premarital counseling with you that we became intimately aware of each other. So now with eyes wide open, we will be married in two months."


The Secret war On Women


Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up (Photo credit: ohsohappytogether)

The Secret War on Women


Women have been fighting a secret war in America without air support, adequate supplies and masculine support. Morale to fight back is at an all time low.


The war women face daily centers on their Body Image. Body Image is how a person feels about their body. A good body image reflects a woman filled with confidence, which men say is the most attractive feature of a woman.


The media continually sets unrealistic standards for weight, appearance and aging. Constant exposure to media images of unrealistic women produces depression, low self-esteem, insecurity, jealousy, cosmetic surgeries and unhealthy eating habits.


80-90% of American women are dissatisfied with their looks. 1 in 4 women use unhealthy weight control. 1 in 6 women have been sexually assaulted and many hide their beauty to protect themselves from attracting another assault. They spiral between feeling dowdy and using unhealthy means to control their appearance. 90% of dieters regain the weight they lose, and the diet industry is now a 100 Billion dollar a year industry.


The typical woman sees 400-600 media images a day, hears testimonies and reads articles about surgery, cosmetics, diet and aging. These picture essays are strategically sandwiched between articles of how they need these products to be relationally attractive. The media ignores the truth that people are attracted for a variety of reasons including intelligence, talent, empathy, faith and a sense of humor.


Todays ideal woman is portrayed as thin, big chested and flawless. Eating disorders have increased 400% since 1970 and the mortality rate is still 50%. Women are unfairly frightened of aging. No one is taught that as women age they can become more beautiful in deeper, more sensual and loving ways.


Instead, the corporations are there to sell frightened girls the products they now believe they need to achieve this fantasy level of happiness. It’s a covert war for dollars, greed is the motive and women’s self esteem is the casualty. The younger generation doesn’t have a choice to be influenced or not, their choice was made for them by corporate avarice.


Women long to reveal beauty, first in themselves then in the source of their beauty: the God who created them. Together we must wake up a nation being led into the suppression of a woman’s true beauty.


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