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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


The Essential Guidebook to Recognizing and Surviving Emotional Manipulators and Bullies (part 1 of 3)


Narcissist-Self-Portrait-6 (Photo credit: Ben Saren)

I am always a supportive, compassionate, understanding man, I look for the good in people. But, I have recently discovered a breed on humans who prey on the emotionally unsuspecting, emotionally trusting. Call them insects, serpents, rodents, parasites or vampires, any or all of these labels will fit. Equally fitting labels include Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Borderline.  Whatever the label Emotional Bullies are the worst of the worst. Scum. Wicked. Evil. Thank God there is help for those victimized by these non-caring, less than human, entities that crawl into relationships occasionally.

It angers me when someone is kind enough to care for them and these soul-less entities bite the hand of the ones who try to care. More often than not it’s a man betraying the generosity of a woman. Without looking back his betrayal will leave her emotionally devastated, financially destroyed, and possibly homeless. I don’t have any compassion for the Sociopaths who can knowingly attempt to destroy another person’s life. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.


An emotional bully attempts to influence the mental functioning of a second individual by causing the targeted victim to doubt the validity of his or her judgements, perceptions and or reality. It is intended for the victim to be coerced into turning over their bank account, freewill and personal worth to the victimizer. Adding degradation to the crime, the Bully wants to make it seem like it was the victim’s desire to do so, or that the Bully was forced to degrade them as in, “…I drink because of you… You made me hit you…. I begged you to not let it get this far, but you wouldn’t listen so I had to hurt you….”


The Emotional Leech attempts to control the feelings, thoughts, or activities of another, often by use of intimidation.



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