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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


The Essential Guidebook to Dealing with Emotional Manipulators and Bullies (part 3 of 3)

In the movie “Toy Story” – the boy next door, Sid, destroyed insects, animals, toys, and was working himself up to more hideous crimes when last we leave him. Snidley Whiplash was never remorseful. The Silence of the Lambs shows a fiend (Hannibal Lecter) who was beyond rehabilitation. The Enemy, the Devil, Diablo, The Lord of the Flies is never satisfied with what he attains, never caring about anyone, laughs at their displeasure. No guilt, No satisfaction, No compassion. Watch for these signs in your Victimizer and you’ll know you’re dealing with a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, a Scorpion, a Snake.


These people only go away with the use of money (enough money to buy them off), attorney’s (legal proceedings, restraining orders, lawsuits) and police (to escort them off the premises.)


The victim goes through three predictable phases:  Disbelief (questioning and doubting yourself, thinking you’ve misunderstood, blaming yourself, or excusing the Vampire as in “They couldn’t have meant that. They didn’t mean what I think they just said.).  Defense – (you start defending yourself. You search for evidence to hold onto your sanity. You look for ways to help the Parasite. You search for evidence to prove your Wicked was wrong.)  and  Depression (you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and worn out. Without support from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and other friends, you are likely to cave in on your own reality.)


When the Bully breaks the victim mentally they have their living slave. It gets more and more difficult for the victim to leave. Authorities have typically mis-understood, even shamed these human sacrifices. What they don’t understand is how hard it is to extricate yourself from the clutches of an Emotional Abuser. In the movie “The Black Swan” – the victim comes to believe the only way to escape the clutches of the Victimizer, is to kill herself.


This aspect alone makes the Emotional Bully more hideous than the common criminal. They are not satisfied in simply ripping someone off. In fact, they are not satisfied by anything except winning, or dominating another person mentally. They are the spider, their victim is the fly, and the spider won’t kill the fly. The prey is kept alive. That’s sub-human. This never occurs in the animal kingdom. The law of the jungle is you kill to survive. Nowhere will you see some animal keep another alive for the sole purpose of showing domination. That is why this subcategory of entity is less than human. They have no guilt, no compunction, no sense of remorse, because they have no compassion, no attachments, no satisfactions. They have no heart.


So used by the Enemy to steal hopes, kill dreams, and destroy lives, these Parasites find it easier to strip others of their resources than to work at legitimate employment. They have no heart. They are not human. They do not care. They are never satisfied. They are the living dead. Attempts to rehabilitate these Scorpions are scoffed at. They are experts at beating the system. God will not have mercy on them for the innocence they have destroyed. There is no hope for those who intentionally harm the innocent. Their father is the father of lies. They have one end, and no one, no living person wants to go there. The fact that these Parasites do not care if they go to hell, tells you this much – they are already dead.

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