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Substance Abuse Counseling Glendora

Dr. Raymond Jones Helps Patients Overcome Addiction through Substance Abuse Counseling

Glendora patients come to Dr. Raymond Jones with addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other substances and walk away with hope. Hope is what we unconditionally guarantee to every person who picks up the phone and calls our office—but if you are committed to and invested in healing your addiction, we can offer so much more.

Your treatment begins by removing the craving for whatever it is that is keeping you from living a healthy, fulfilling life. In many traditional substance cessation programs, this is the most trying and traumatic part of the recovery process. But with Dr. Jones, you can confront your addiction from a place of comfort and relaxation that lets you release your cravings on your own terms. As a Master Hypnotist, Dr. Jones helps you surmount the first hurdle of addiction recovery while minimizing the physical, psychological and emotional fallout associated with withdrawal. Hypnotherapy has proven incredibly effective for Dr. Jones’ substance abuse counseling patients—oftentimes, the cravings can be removed in just a few sessions.

Once this is achieved, Dr. Jones begins working on the underlying character issues that gave rise to your addiction. These are the events, anxieties and fears that created the void in your life that opened the door to addiction in the first place. Dr. Jones helps you close it by addressing the root cause of your abusive behavior so that you won’t relapse or backslide. With Dr. Jones, you can repair the emotional damage that brought you to this place of pain and gain the spiritual strength and awareness you need to rejoin your friends, family and the rest of society on the other side as a healthy, whole person.

Addiction recovery doesn’t happen overnight—it’s a journey. As you begin that journey—whether it’s with a tentative first step or a leap of faith—Dr. Jones can comfort, support and guide you so you don’t stumble or fall along the way.

Contact our office to learn more about substance abuse counseling. Glendora patients can drop-in or call us at (626) 332-1595.