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"My heart was shattered. Your devotion and grace not only renewed my life, it renewed my relationship with God."


Romantic Notions Motions Devotions Lotions and Commotions

The Romantics (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romantics are alive to their senses. Romantics are awake to their intentions. They don’t just exist, they live their lives to the fullest.


Romantics want more out of life. They want to take hold of life and squeeze the juice out of it.


Time and effort expended are more appreciated than money spent. Though money spent is nice, a handmade gift is more romantic. Because it is a risk for the creator. This is why, if a man is talented at songwriting, and he writes a song for his girl, she might not be duly impressed. He writes songs for a living for gawdssakes. He can write a lyric falling down, in his sleep. Not romantic.


Very romantic is when a man does something he’s not good at, or learning to do. He gets mega points awarded to his invisible score because he takes the risk of it not turning out well. But his efforts are usually very rewarded.


In the end, the receiver defines what is romantic. If you give her something she hates, or was traumatized by as a child, you get a miss, nada, zero, zip points. If your woman spends all day cooking a gourmet meal of tiny but tasty French cooking, but you’d prefer a huge, massive, nuclear pizza, she wasn’t being romantic. Pay attention to your luv to know what’s romantic to them.



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