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Relationship Counseling Glendora

Dr. Raymond Jones Relationship Counseling in Glendora

Next time you’re at a restaurant, take a look around at the couples. The couples that are attentive to each other—lots of smiles, eye contact and active listening—are the ones who are dating. The ones who go from “table for two” to “check please” without a single word passing between them are the married ones, or so they say.  Unfortunately, that cynical truism is more accurate than we’d like it to be. That’s why Dr. Raymond Jones is absolutely dedicated to helping couples maintain, reignite or discover that spark of romance that spurred that first dance, first date or marriage proposal. Through relationship counseling, premarital counseling and marriage counseling, Dr. Jones identifies and rectifies the root causes of a potentially troubled relationship, including:

Modern Society

There’s a natural order to a passionate relationship. You witness it when men and women have a mutual unconditional respect for one another. They fight tirelessly for each other, rather than with each other.  They feel grounded and empowered by their significant other, rather than inhibited and suffocated. But from adolescence to maturity, we encounter so much pain, confusion and anxiety—fuelled by unrequited love, misguided fantasies and emotional trauma—that we often become lost in terms of gender roles, sexuality and healthy expressions of love. Dr. Jones helps couples overcome societal roadblocks and reclaim their God-given right to happiness with a loved one.

Addiction, Abuse and Trauma

Even if the heart is fully committed, addiction can drive a wedge between two loving individuals. Addiction is often intrinsically linked to abuse, trauma and an unfulfilled spiritual or emotional need.  Relationship counseling can help you identify these places of pain and resolve the misplaced fears, anxieties and anger that led to your abusive behavior.  As a Master Hypnotist, Dr. Jones let’s you explore these issues in a comfortable, safe environment.

Spiritual Deficiencies

Spirituality permeates every pore of a relationship—from trust and communication to sexuality and intimacy. Dr. Jones helps couples become more authentic with their faith without judging or condemning. This renewed purpose and vision is incredibly strengthening for relationships.

Whether you’re approaching the next step in your relationship or are experiencing a lull, Dr. Jones can help you achieve more from one another through relationship counseling.

Glendora couples can schedule a free consultation by calling our local office at (626) 332-1595.