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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Marriage Counseling Pasadena

Life Coaching, Psychological Therapy, and Marriage Counseling | Pasadena’s Dr. Raymond Jones

For almost thirty years, Dr. Raymond Jones has provided clients with a variety of psychological and aspiration-based services. Through his marriage counseling, Pasadena couples find a supportive, safe environment for exploring solutions to their challenges. Dr. Jones’ work as a life coach has helped individuals set goals and overcome external obstacles to their dreams. Finally, his therapeutic services address the experiences that cause people to act and think in ways that they would like to change.

Marriage Counseling

Pasadena-based Dr. Jones provides marriage counseling using a judgment-free approach. He does not serve as a referee and he does not waste time session after session focusing on what each partner has said or done. He avoids what he terms “a pathway of blame” in marriage counseling. Pasadena couples will instead find guidance and techniques that helps each person in the relationship to step outside of their situation and to see the other anew.

One of the goals of Dr. Jones’ work is to help marriages—whether they are as old as three years, five years, or fifteen years—to move beyond failed patterns and to return to a notion of service to one another. He addresses a variety of concerns, from the “Sexless Marriage” issue to financial arguments to a lack of affection or understanding. Dr. Jones can work with individuals or both members of the couple in marriage counseling.

Pasadena Life Coaching

Dr. Jones offers personal and professional life coaching to those who want to achieve their dreams. Similar to his other services, he counsels his clients in a way that is filled with compassion and understanding. Dr. Jones helps them break through cycles of inactivity, frustration, fear, or confusion to develop a positive outward focus.

Goals vary, but they include the improvement of personal relationships, increased confidence, and the attainment of new business opportunities. Dr. Jones works with clients to break down complicated or far-reaching aspirations into their basic steps. From there, he prescribes exercises that help clients set goals, identify skills that they will need to reach those aims, and take the steps to gain those skills.

Psychological Therapy

Dr. Jones holds a PhD in Psychology and specializes in a number of related areas, including marriage therapy and addiction. Through his work in psychotherapy, he helps patients resolve unwanted behavioral patterns, feelings, and thoughts.

Clients come to Dr. Jones for a variety of reasons including relationship failures, substance abuse, compulsivity, and addiction counseling. Pasadena residents can expect Dr. Jones to pull from varied techniques. While he offers traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Jones is also trained in guided imagery and hypnosis, which help him address the desires and the appetites that fuel his clients’ behaviors. By reaching the level of the unconscious, he can cut down on treatment time and allows patients to see success more quickly.

We invite you to contact Dr. Jones about life coaching, psychological services, and marriage counseling. Pasadena residents should call (626) 332-1595  for a confidential discussion.