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"My heart was shattered. Your devotion and grace not only renewed my life, it renewed my relationship with God."


Marriage Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Christian Counseling in Pasadena

Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling, and Addiction Counseling | Pasadena’s Dr. Raymond Jones

If you are seeking psychotherapy services, we invite you to learn more about the work of Dr. Raymond Jones. As an experienced counselor, Dr. Jones has served patients with a number of areas of concern.

Marriage Counseling for Pasadena Couples

If you are considering marriage counseling, the Pasadena offices of Dr. Raymond Jones can help. Couples can develop conflicts through lack of communication, frustrating argumentative cycles, and lack of intimacy, among other issues. Relationship problems do not always develop based on the length of time that a couple has spent together. Two people who have been married for five years may have the same struggle as a couple that has been married for fifteen years.

Sometimes, ongoing arguments in a marriage can lead to a stalemate in which both people feel powerless and frustrated. Dr. Jones introduces couples to an approach that avoids the typical “he said, she said,” which he believes can only result in further blame. Instead, he shows couples ways that they can step back from the current marriage dynamic. He offers techniques that turn the relationship towards one of service to one another instead of a focus on what the other is not doing for “me.” In addition, Dr. Jones helps couples that are experiencing problems with intimacy by reintroducing the emotional and physical affection that they have been lacking.

Addiction Counseling for Pasadena Residents

When it comes to addiction counseling, Pasadena residents may already be familiar with the typical treatment options. Either they have been through programs and have not found the success they were seeking, or they are unhappy with the approach that these programs take in assigning blame, creating negative emotions, and, ultimately, not addressing the root causes of addiction.

Dr. Jones delivers realistic, compassionate treatment. He helps patients resolve these underlying motivations through a variety of techniques, including traditional psychotherapy, guided imagery, and hypnosis. Often, his methods lead patients to faster, lasting results and overall better healing.

Christian Counseling | Pasadena’s Faith-Based Therapy Option

Dr. Jones is the provider of choice for those who are interested in Christian counseling. Pasadena clients often choose Dr. Jones specifically because of his approach. He holds a Master of Divinity degree in addition to his doctorate in psychology, and he uses this religious training as the foundation for his work with clients.

This does not mean that patients will be proselytized or forced into believing in a specific worldview. What it does mean, though, is that patients will be treated with understanding and will find the spirituality and support they seek during their most difficult challenges. When a patient decides to work with Dr. Jones, he or she can trust that they are being treated by someone with great faith and morality who will help them find success.

Get in touch to schedule a confidential discussion about Dr. Jones’ approach to psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and addiction counseling. Pasadena offices are available at (626) 332-1595.