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"Jack and I dated for six years, and it wasn’t until our premarital counseling with you that we became intimately aware of each other. So now with eyes wide open, we will be married in two months."


Marriage Counseling Glendora

Spirituality and Romance: Christian Marriage Counseling

Glendora, California and the surrounding area is a beautiful, inspiring place to fall in love, get married and raise a family. But the emotional and spiritual bedrock of your relationship is doubly as important as its geographical roots.  As a Christian marriage counselor, Dr. Raymond Jones can help you strengthen the foundation of your relationship as you venture towards marital bliss. He does so by taking a holistic approach to couples counseling, including:

Premarital Counseling

Marriage is an undeniably spiritual journey—the role that churches often play in pre-marriage counseling highlights this fact.  Like your local church, Dr. Jones can help couples define and deepen their faith before entering into marriage. As a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Jones can offer biblical insight and wisdom from the Christian traditions.  However, you won’t be confronted by judgment, shame or guilt at the Aspen Center—instead, Dr. Jones helps couples build their marriage on a faith that is mutually authentic, meaningful and nurturing.

Sex Therapy

Sexuality and spirituality are intimately connected and immeasurably vital to a marriage. As a clinical sexologist, Dr. Jones is well-versed in the full spectrum of sexuality issues that can affect the enjoyment of intimacy within a relationship. As a certified sex addiction therapist and abuse therapy specialist, Dr. Jones can help couples overcome past trauma and address anxieties, uncertainties and needs in a healthy manner. This helps realign your sexuality with a joyful spirituality so you can become closer to your spouse or partner.

Family Counseling

The parents are the heart of a family— and just as the ailments of the heart directly affect the rest of the body, so too does marital strife affect the family. Dr. Jones has worked with all types of families—including blended, multi-generational, divorced, single-parent and families affected by abuse, infidelity and other trying elements. He works one-on-one with each member of the family in a non-confrontational setting so that each individual feels appreciated, recognized and loved. Afterwards, families feel closer, happier and more secure in their own homes.

To find out how Dr. Jones can help strengthen your relationship, give us a call and ask for more information on marriage counseling.

Glendora callers can reach the Aspen Center at our local number: (626) 332-1595.