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"My heart was shattered. Your devotion and grace not only renewed my life, it renewed my relationship with God."


Marital Counseling Glendora

Have You Been Considering Marital Counseling?

Glendora-based Aspen Center is a highly acclaimed marriage counseling and relationship therapy clinic. Marital counseling is for anyone who wants to deepen and strengthen their relationship with his or her spouse. After working with hundreds of men, women, couples and families, Dr. Jones has identified a number of societal roadblocks and gender assumptions that prevent many marriages from being as joyful, open and fulfilling as they can be. While the beauty of a relationship lies in the intrinsic uniqueness of each couple, there are some commonalities across contemporary marriages that make it difficult for men and women to connect. Dr. Jones can help both of you understand and overcome these issues.

Your marriage doesn’t have to be “on the rocks” in order to benefit from marital counseling—but if it is, there are still opportunities for you to rediscover the connection that brought you together in the first place. Dr. Jones’s marital counseling doesn’t assign personal blame, condemn or judge. The environment is comfortable—not confrontational. Men and women are given a safe space to talk about their anxieties, frustrations and needs that can arise directly from the relationship or stem from another traumatizing event. Dr. Jones helps couples resolve lingering issues from past divorces, abuses, addictions or affairs and get back to what’s truly important in their marriage.

Whether you feel like your marriage is in a rut or on a road to destruction, Dr. Jones can help by illuminating and rectifying the underlying issues—be they personal, universal or even logistical.  Couples who have undergone marital counseling happily report better communication, more affection, more respect and an overall return to joy and romance in their relationship. Men and women begin fighting for each other, instead of with each other. They laugh more. They kiss more. They talk more. Overall, it’s as if they’ve just been reunited with their long lost best friend.

For the sake of yourself, your spouse or your family, you deserve to reconnect with your loved one. Call our office for more information about marital counseling.

Glendora patients can stop by to schedule an appointment or call Dr. Raymond Jones at (626) 332-1595.