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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Why FANTASY is an important part of REALITY (3rd of 3), © Ruth Elliott, 2012

Our brain is both the receiver and the transmitter of thoughts we hold in our unconscious.  We can become ‘conscious’ in our ‘unconscious’.  HOW?

One way is when we are dreaming – then our conscious mind is ‘asleep’, and we are ‘awake’ in that part of our mind called the subconscious. Our subconscious is the link between our conscious and unconscious mind. It ‘thinks’ in pictures, which are symbols of important realities in our unconscious mind.

Another way we can connect with our subconscious is by relaxing and observing our thoughts.  As we slow down our minds, we can begin observing the thoughts as they enter our mind, and we can eventually exercise control over them. For example: If we see a negative thought we know is not the truth in reality, we can then stop it and give it a counter thought, “NO – That’s not true. The TRUTH is _________”

After practice we can train the mind to obey us, instead of us following blindly along, being run ragged by every thought that comes along.

If the horse represents our thoughts, where would we be without someone guiding them? We have to be that someone, ‘awake’ to where we want our thoughts to go, or we will not arrive to the destination of our choosing.

I became inspired by something one of our board members, Ray Jones, said recently. He mentioned, “why children love stories and why fairy tales with a moral message are so important to them”, and it got me thinking about it.

The reason why fairy tales and stories are so important is that children are still so close to their subconscious minds. They haven’t been so overloaded by the cares of this world yet, and the images in the stories are vital symbols that can speak with greater clarity and meaning to their unconscious minds. These symbols are tools we storytellers can use to impart wisdom and lessons early in life – while there is still hope to set their feet on solid ground.

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