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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Family Counseling, Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling

Christian Family Counseling: What You Stand to Gain from Family and Marriage Counseling

Glendora families often come to the Aspen Center seeking help for a specific issue, such as a divorce, infidelity or some other major change in the family dynamics—but they almost always receive much more than what they initially expected from their family counseling. That’s because Dr. Raymond Jones, a Glendora relationship counseling and Christian family counseling specialist, is dedicated to helping families reach new levels of understanding, joy and security within the home. Strengthening the bonds within the family isn’t just incidental to resolving family problems—it’s necessary.  The outward facing conflicts and tensions in a family are often symptomatic of deeper emotional or spiritual ailments. And by healing these underlying issues, Dr. Jones can not only help your family overcome their current and past differences, but also help you meet future challenges in a healthy, productive way.

For many families, the first step to reaching firmer ground within the home is becoming spiritually grounded.  Dr. Jones can serve this need to rediscover Christian traditions through his formal education in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. But at the same time, Dr. Jones is conscientiously non-judgmental. He will guide you and your family to a place of spiritual authenticity that anchors you in a faith that feels righteous and honest to you on a personal level.

From this place of spiritual and emotional strength, Dr. Jones helps parents, step-parents, siblings and children build a foundation of trust, openness and compassion. This may include one-on-one sessions with each family member as well as separate marriage counseling sessions with the heads of the household. Issues such as addiction, substance abuse and past traumas are also addressed and resolved in a gentle, supportive environment. This security is created within the safety of the Aspen Center and carried back to the home, so every member can enjoy the love, recognition and protection that they need to thrive within the family.

Especially in these trying times, family plays an instrumental role as a constant source of unconditional love and sanctuary. If your family is anything less, please give us a call—we want to help.

For more information on Christian family counseling, Glendora families can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Raymond Jones at the Aspen Center. Call (626) 332-1595 for more information.