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"Raymond, your steadfast commitment to our healing can never be repaid. You are a man with God’s heart."


Counseling Covina

Seeking Counseling? Covina Patients Find the Guidance They Need with Dr. Raymond Jones

You may be struggling with feelings, thoughts, or behaviors that you don’t want. Or, you may be stuck in a pattern you can’t escape. Even though you understand at an intellectual level what is going on, you are unable to solve the problems you are facing and move yourself to a happier life. These are all reasons people seek counseling.

Covina men and women who want help often don’t know where to turn. Finding the right therapist is the most important step they can take (next to making the decision to seek guidance in the first place.)

These patients want someone who will understand their problems rather than lay blame at their feet or make them feel worse than they already do. They also want a professional who can provide real-world advice for resolving the issues they are having. In short: they want a dedicated partner in counseling.

Covina-based Dr. Raymond James is a trained therapist with advanced degrees in psychology and religion as well as certification in addiction therapy. Through his work in counseling, Covina men and women are able to move past the mental traps that have kept them unhappy and to change their lives for the better.

Learn more below about some of Dr. Jones’ areas of practice. Then, get in touch to experience his work for yourself.

Individual Counseling

Dr. Jones provides a comfortable, safe space for individuals to share their concerns and to work towards solutions. The counseling process he provides to Covina patients does not rely on psychological jargon, however.

Instead, he focuses on helping patients explore the feelings that they have and helping them to address the motivations that are behind them. Typically, his therapeutic approach includes psychotherapy, innovative techniques, and, for patients who may benefit from it, hypnotherapy.

Family Counseling

For some patients, family support is an essential part of their struggle for happiness. For other people, it is the family itself that requires healing.

In family counseling, Covina men and women have the chance to come together in a blame-free setting to talk about the concerns they have. Dr. Jones helps patients to move past the issues that have held them in unhappy patterns and to find ways to change their dynamic.


Individuals who are dealing with addiction have different needs from other patients who seek counseling in Covina. This is true whether the person is addicted to substances, such as drugs and alcohol, or behaviors, such as sexual addiction.

By working with Dr. Jones, patients will have a chance to explore the root cause of their addictions in a supportive environment. He helps patients recognize the mental and emotional issues that are driving their behavior, and he provides support and exercises to resolve these concerns.

Choosing Therapy

If you would like to explore these services in a safe and confidential way, we invite you to learn more about counseling in Covina. Calling (626) 332-1595 to schedule your discussion with Dr. Jones.