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"Raymond, your steadfast commitment to our healing can never be repaid. You are a man with God’s heart."


Christian Family Counseling Covina

Christian Family Counseling: Covina’s Dr. Raymond Jones Provides Families with Therapeutic and Spiritual Guidance

One of the most difficult aspects of counseling for some patients is separating the problems they are having from who they are as people. For this reason, Dr. Raymond Jones, an experienced therapist serving Southern California, provides patients with Christian family counseling.

Covina men and women come together under Dr. Jones’ guidance to explore the challenges they face. Dr. Jones’ approach is one of compassion, blamelessness, and strength, regardless of the patients’ religious leanings. Families need ways to bridge the distance between them, and in Christian family counseling, Covina patients use faith as this “bridge.”

Below, learn more about how you and your family can experience greater harmony and a closer relationship through this process.

About Christian Family Counseling

Often, Covina families find themselves in unhappy patterns. One partner in a marriage feels misunderstood. Another partner feels blamed. Both feel that they are trapped in the same cycle without ever breaking through to a true understanding of what’s going on.

This unhappiness can manifest itself in many ways. For some families, it’s a matter of one partner spending too much time away that leads them to counseling. Covina couples also turn to professional guidance when there are problems with communication or with emotional intimacy.

Dr. Raymond Jones has experience supporting families that have these kinds of issues as well as a variety of other concerns. He counsels families that struggle with addiction, past trauma, or trouble in their sexual relationship.

The “Christian” element of Dr. Jones’ family counseling is in:

  • His approach. Covina families receive guidance, compassion, and understanding, never blame or chastisement.
  • Shared faith. Courage and strength helps each family member look beyond the past to see the other as an individual: someone with faults who still has love to share.
  • Its religious foundation. When appropriate, Dr. Jones uses Biblical metaphor to explain the problems couples are having. These stories are often useful for understanding and overcoming challenges.

More about Addiction

For some couples, problems stem from compulsions and unwanted behaviors. Family members may be struggling with sexual addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, or other substance abuse concerns. These addictions can cause fatigue, deep sadness, frustration, and other signs of depression. They can also drive a deep wedge between two people who care for one another.

In addition to his doctorate in psychology and licensure as a Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT), Raymond Jones holds a Master of Divinity degree (MDiv) and certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor (CSAT-S.) He helps couples recognize the addictions that have taken hold in their lives and guides them in resolving the issues that they face. The uplifting, faith-based approach he uses allows people to take his counsel into their hearts, to find strength, and to make a real change in their lives together.

We invite you to contact Dr. Jones about family and marriage counseling. Covina residents should call (626) 332-1595 for a confidential discussion.