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"My heart was shattered. Your devotion and grace not only renewed my life, it renewed my relationship with God."


Christian Counseling Pasadena

Compassion, Innovation, and Christian Counseling | Pasadena’s Dr. Raymond Jones

With his approach—combining proven new techniques with the sensitivity and spirituality of Christian counseling—Pasadena psychotherapist Raymond Jones provides his patients with the compassionate treatment they need.

Dr. Jones offers a variety of services to his clients:

  • He works with individuals as a licensed therapist, helping them to understand the interior motivations that are causing unwanted behaviors and emotions in their lives. Through Christian counseling, Pasadena patients are better able to grasp the traumas that influence them. From there, they can move forward relieved of guilt and pain.
  • Dr. Jones helps people address addiction and its root causes. The patients who benefit from this work come to understand the compulsivity and obsession that underlie their actions, whether it is an addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or unhappy relationships. Through patients’ work with Dr. Jones, they begin to redirect their lives for the better.
  • For couples, Dr. Jones offers marriage counseling. San Gabriel Valley families seek his support for a number of reasons. In some instances, they are unhappy with their current relationship. In other cases, they are unable to move beyond frustrating patterns that have developed over time. Dr. Jones also works with those couples who are trying to improve their sexual relationships and to recapture the emotional and physical intimacy they once had

One element is common among all of these services: Dr. Jones’ approach to the therapeutic process. He veers away from overly-complicated explanations of unconscious decision-making and focuses instead on helping patients grasp challenges and needs in their own terms. Often, he will rely on metaphor, fairy tales, or a religion-based approach to show patients the way forward. Old Testament stories are often applicable and serve as part of what makes his work true Christian counseling.

Pasadena clients will recognize the other part through their sessions together: compassion, understanding, and faithful emotional support. As a therapist and a Christian, Dr. Jones believes that behind all people—no matter the shame or guilt they feel—there is a story that explains their behavior. This does not necessarily justify the behavior itself. However, it creates a space for empathizing, analyzing, and, with effort, resolving.

Dr. Jones studies many different techniques for providing therapy. His open approach to counseling gives patients the chance to experience a treatment method that works for them. To broaden the world of potential solutions, Dr. Jones has studied religion, human sexuality, hypnosis, and other effectors of human behavior. Also, he considers the spiritual element when helping clients explore their past trauma, current relationships, and emotional challenges. Through his Christian counseling, Pasadena patients are able to find not only the guidance they need to understand their issues but also the strength that they require to resolve them.

Are you seeking a therapist who offers compassion and faith through Christian counseling? Pasadena residents can schedule a confidential discussion with Dr. Jones by calling (626) 332-1595.