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Christian Counseling Glendora

Finding Your Way Back to Spiritual Security

For patients seeking Christian counseling, Glendora’s Dr. Raymond Jones provides a personalized path to becoming spiritually grounded for those at unique impasses with religion. With a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Jones has firm roots in the Christian tradition and a respect and appreciation for all faiths.  Dr. Jones’s formal background in spiritual studies is tempered by an accepting, non-judgmental approach to exploring crises of faith and the desire to feel more connected to a higher power.

As a specialist in substance abuse treatment, marriage and family therapy and sex addiction treatment, Dr. Jones is familiar with the numerous ways in which we might stray from the religious or spiritual traditions that bring clarity and purpose to our lives. As a Christian counselor, Dr. Jones embraces grace and compassion instead of judgment and condemnation.  Through this grace and acceptance, he is able to create a truly safe space for individuals, couples and families to explore and resolve their issues with God and religion as well as any underlying behaviors or emotional scars that contribute to their spiritual maladies.  With Dr. Jones, it isn’t about conversion—it’s about becoming more authentic with your own faith.

The principal benefits that Dr. Jones offers first-time patients are relief and hope. Relief, when patients come expecting judgment, confrontation, shame and guilt and receive none of it. Hope, after the first session, when patients realize that there is a way to make amends with themselves and their spirituality and reclaim that feeling of stability and purpose.

For families, couples and individuals who have undergone Christian Counseling, Glendora’s Aspen Center has become a place of true rebirth. Patients report that they feel rooted, humbled and brought back to their faith. All of this is achieved without shame or judgment—Dr. Jones’s Christian counseling sessions are about putting your past transgressions behind you and finding your personal road to acceptance.

For more information about Christian counseling, Glendora patients can visit our local office or call us at (626) 332-1595.