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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Christian Counseling Covina

Christian Counseling: Covina Therapist Dr. Raymond Jones

For some patients, the most effective way of changing the way they think and the way that they feel is to choose therapy that fits with their own spiritual beliefs. It’s for this reason that many people turn to Dr. Raymond Jones and his approach of Christian counseling.

Covina patients work with Dr. Jones because he offers experience in a variety of therapeutic areas; sensitivity and understanding in his counsel; and an open, non-judgmental approach.

About Christian Counseling

Covina men and women who are struggling with unwanted behaviors and emotions in their lives seek counseling as a way of gaining control over these issues. However, they often do not recognize—or are unable to manage—the interior motivations that cause these issues.

Dr. Jones’ process is somewhat different from other psychotherapists with whom the patient may have worked. He combines proven psychological techniques with the faith and strength that Christian counseling offers.

Covina patients who are unfamiliar with the concept of “Christian counseling” may be uncertain what the experience will offer. Simply put, this form of counseling emphasizes principles such as compassion, understanding, and emotional support. It rejects shame and guilt, and it seeks to understand the human being behind the behavior: a person who has faults but is made in God’s image and has the capacity for untold goodness.

Dr. Jones uses Christian counseling to help Covina patients frame their issues in terms of problems that can be resolved rather than as unchangeable character traits. He keeps counseling simple and focused, avoiding overly-complex explanations of unconscious decision-making. This helps to return power back to those he counsels.

Variations of Christian Counseling

Raymond Jones holds several advanced degrees, including a PhD in psychology; licensure as a Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT); a Master of Divinity degree (MDiv); and certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor (CSAT-S.) He uses this diverse background to provide therapy in ways that speaks to the patient’s needs.

His work includes individual counseling; addiction counseling; relationship counseling; and family counseling, each of which benefits from Christian faith.

For example, with Christian family counseling, Covina families reflect on the issues that they face from a position of compassion rather than of blame. Dr. Jones guides patients through the behaviors and emotions that are keeping their family apart, and he shows them how faith can give them the strength to resolve them.

When it comes to addiction and Christian counseling, many Covina patients find that a spiritual approach helps them to understand their behavior more clearly. They begin to see addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or unhappy relationships as separate from themselves, and they find that they are able to make better choices for their lives.

Seeking Support

Whether you are in search of guidance for yourself, your family, or a loved one, consider exploring counseling that focuses on who you are and not just the issues that hold you back. Contact Dr. Jones by telephone at (626) 332-1595 for a confidential discussion.