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Body Image: “How can this body be sexy?”

Hamburger, fries, and a coke.

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Fact: Americans are inundated every day with an average of 5,000 messages telling us our looks are important to our survival. Women are targeted 11 times more than men. The message is: women should fear aging, be unusually thin, and have flawless skin if they want to attract a man who will keep them safe the rest of their lives.

American culture teaches us to “look our best.” Our parents teach us from young to “look good.”  We ask our friends “How do I look?” It starts young, and without great fanfare. As we grow, we are bombarded with advertising that teaches us we can always improve. Our self-image can make or destroy how we feel about ourselves.

Damaged self-image leads to isolation, depression, and missed opportunities.  This was once mainly prevalent among women.  However, poor self image is now mainstream to men, women and children.  Very young children are critical of each other, which then sets in place the road map a child may follow.

If yourself image is poor, I want you to know how lovely you are in God’s eyes.  I want you to exude confidence no matter what your age, size or status. Your confidence is a gift you give to yourself and this world.

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