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"Jack and I dated for six years, and it wasn’t until our premarital counseling with you that we became intimately aware of each other. So now with eyes wide open, we will be married in two months."


Angel in Love: Lessons on being the Romantic Man (part 4)

Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story trailer

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(part 4) Angel in Love: Cary Grant is an Angel who can teach us a lot about being a Romantic Man.


Julia to Henry: You haven’t said a thing about it.

Henry: About what?

Julia: My new hat.

My disappointed observation: Henry, ooooh Henry, are you so focused on being threatened by Dudley that you still don’t notice the changes in your wife? In her heart she’s asking, Do you see my creativity, and if you do, does it move you? Will you join in the celebration of my creativity? Women love to create. Women are deeply romanced when their man notices the changes they make. When men don’t pay attention to the slice of heaven they’ve been given, chaos breaks out. A woman feels shame and loneliness when her man is inattentive to her. Gentlemen, do what you need to do to get over yourselves and pay attention to your woman.


Dudley confronting Henry: …anything is possible if you are willing to compromise your principles.

Henry to the Professor: He has caused Julia to despise me.

Professor to Henry: Are you sure he has done that?

My keen observation: Henry has compromised his integrity to get where he is, and will have to keep compromising from now on. This is a spiritual principle: When you compromise to get what you want, you’ll have to keep compromising to hold onto it.  Dudley is calling him out – be honest with yourself he’s saying to Henry – to thine own self be true. Your wife will respect you more. The professor challenges Henry’s suspicious-ness, which could become a victim mentality if not checked. No Henry, you have driven Julia away from you, not Dudley. Thank God, Henry has a community of men who will speak the truth to him in his hour of need.


The most romantic compliment a man can pay a woman:

Dudley to Julia: There are a few people who know the secret of making a heaven here on earth. You are one of those people.

My translation: “You, are a classy woman. You’ve found the inner resources to rise above your life situation. You’re not defined by your circumstances. You are defined internally, by an intimate relationship with God.”  This is the kind of character I look for in a woman. I lift it up for all men. Look for a woman who can bring Heaven down to Earth. If you’re already married, and she’s not there, be the man and lead the way. Do not demand that she go there first. You lead the way. Get some therapy, grow this kind of strength in yourself, and you will cultivate this in your woman. If you are single, or newly single:  Don’t settle for less than a woman that brings Heaven into this Earth.


Henry: My prayer hasn’t been answered. I was praying for a Cathedral (substitute any business goal).

Dudley: No Henry, you were praying for guidance, and this you have received.

My comment: Ka-boom! Dudley nails it! When a man is focused only on the outcome, he loses perspective, and loses his life. What good will it do you to gain the entire Earth, and lose your woman? It is a spiritual principle: Pray for the revelation of wisdom, work hard, and let go of the outcome.


Henry in his Christmas sermon: Let us ask what the Christ child would want and let’s all do our part to give it to him.

My commentary: Excellent! Now he gets it. Sadly, the memory of the Angel has been erased from each of their memories. Henry has received a revelation of wisdom, and it feels like a natural flow of life. Let’s listen to what God wants from us, and contribute our part of the gift. The character arch in this story has occurred, the inattentive man has become the man who values who he has in his life. Happiness has come to Henry’s family, the transformation of his character is complete. Thank God for Romantic Angels.

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