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Addiction Counseling Glendora

For Christian Addiction Counseling, Glendora’s Dr. Raymond Jones Helps You Heal through Spirituality

Before you read further and before you pick up the phone, we want to reassure you of one thing: you won’t find judgment here. Although we understand that addictions are often caused by or lead to spiritual deviance, it isn’t our place to condemn, guilt or shame you. Instead, we offer hope—and we do so through compassionate addiction counseling.  Glendora’s Aspen Center is dedicated to helping you emerge from addiction as a whole individual—spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Patients are gently guided through this healing process by Dr. Raymond Jones, a Christian addiction counseling specialist. It begins by releasing you from the craving that feeds your drug, sex or alcohol addiction. Counseling and hypnotherapy have proven to be incredibly effective methods for curing addiction while minimizing the physical and psychological trauma often associated with withdrawal. As a Master Hypnotist, Dr. Jones can often remove cravings within 1 to 2 sessions.

After you are freed from the craving element of your alcohol or drug addiction, counseling continues in order to reclaim and repair the emotional damage caused by decades of substance abuse. Dr. Jones helps identify and fill the spiritual void that necessitated a chemical crutch. He replaces it with the renewed positive purpose that is most healthfully supplied by a fulfilling and authentic spiritual clarity.  With a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Jones takes a philosophical and inclusive approach to the Christian traditions. Rather than prescribing his views and beliefs, he helps you cultivate your own faith so you can feel spiritually grounded in a meaningful way.

Dr. Jones does more than treat addiction—he heals the patient to the point where substance abuse is no longer necessary. He helps you rebuild your character, your family and social connections and your bond with God so that you can emerge from this dark chapter as a whole person.

Call the Aspen Center for more information on drug addiction counseling. Glendora, California offices can be reached at (626) 332-1595.