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"Jack and I dated for six years, and it wasn’t until our premarital counseling with you that we became intimately aware of each other. So now with eyes wide open, we will be married in two months."


Our Pet is a Family Member

A three-year-old labradoodle.

A three-year-old labradoodle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Pet is a Family Member

If you haven’t met our newest staff member Hoop, please come by.  She is a one-year-old Poodle, who is a Therapy Dog here at the Aspen Center and at local hospitals.  She has taught us a great deal in the years we have had her.  Like other animals and pets, she gives unconditional love.  What a rare gift to find in this world!

I have seen people learn to trust, relax, have better social interactions, and have their moods changed through the loving gift that is Hoop.

On a hectic day here in the office, I have Hoop to remind me of the simpler things in life, to take some time to cuddle and relax.  Animals have relaxation down to a science.  Many studies show the health effects of being with animals.  They remarkably reduce depression, lower blood pressure, provide comic relief, help us overcome many social anxieties, and so much more.  Please stop by for a visit with Hoop.  She would love to be your friend too.

When pets becomes part of the family, the loss of our pet is sometimes as difficult if not more difficult than losing a family member. Many people are so hurt by the loss they won’t open their hearts to another animal. I understand this loss and am skilled at helping get through this passage. Call our  office for an appointment and start the healing.

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