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Female Sexual Dysfunction – Part 1

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Finally! Female Sexual Dysfunction may be getting the attention it deserves. If Oprah says it is epidemic then we should pay attention. Female Sexual Dysfunction is either physical or psychological. When it’s physical, it’s really painful, and would turn anybody off from sex. When it’s psychological, there are mental blocks to either becoming interested in having sex, or the arousal cycles get blocked by mental, emotional and spiritual conflicts, which is painful in another kind of way. 43% of women report being blocked by FSD, and more alarming is that 85% of women worldwide are unsatisfied sexually.


I am sincerely happy Oprah is bringing attention to this issue. I also believe society is going to blame women and look in the wrong direction for answers.


I question the veracity of the diagnosis: Female Sexual Dysfunction. The Mayo Clinic defines FSD as being persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire — and if these problems are making you distressed or straining your relationship with your partner — what you’re experiencing is known medically as female sexual dysfunction.


Now, I ask you, couldn’t the above “problems” be caused by a boyfriend or husband who is clumsy? Or rushed? Inattentive? or Impatient? How about if he were just slightly insensitive? What if he were ill-informed about her sexual molestation? or if she told him at all? Oh, for good times lets ask if he was immature? or ignorant of female anatomy? or love making? What if he smells like cheep beer? or is too loaded to know? How much does her Female Sexual Dysfunction increase if her best friend is being treated like a Goddess by her lover? (A lot, I’m sure.)


Continues in part 2.

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