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Experience in Christian Counseling, Addiction Counseling, and Marriage Counseling | San Gabriel Valley Psychotherapist Dr. Raymond Jones

Dr. Raymond Jones has almost thirty years of professional experience as a trained psychotherapist. His background includes a variety of degrees, certifications, and accomplishments.

PhD in psychology: Dr. Jones’ psychotherapeutic training helps him to manage the client-doctor relationship, to evaluate the progress of his patients, and to allow them see a future with an improved mental state and spiritual well-being. Patients begin with an initial 90-minute consultation.
During this time, Dr. Jones will provide:
• An assessment of the severity of your concerns.
• An analysis of your readiness to address these problems.
• An outline of the potential treatments and resources available to you.

Licensure as a Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT): This state-assigned certification is evidence of Dr. Jones’ advanced training in marriage counseling. San Gabriel Valley couples who turn to Dr. Jones for work will benefit from a unique blend of relationship exercises and traditional therapy. He avoids the “blame game” and works with couples to break out of the hurtful patterns that have trapped them in the past. In addition, he assists couples in rekindling the romance that their relationships may have lost. The result is a more loving, more intimate marriage.

Master of Divinity degree (MDiv): Through Christian counseling, San Gabriel Valley patients can participate in treatment that is based in religious tenets such as compassion and perseverance. Dr. Jones’ advanced religious training provides Christian clients with a shared foundation of morality and faith. Clients will find judgment-free support and a guide to help them through their most difficult challenges.

Certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor (CSAT-S): With sex addiction counseling, San Gabriel Valley residents who have been uncomfortable with general therapy can find a specialist who understands the nature and challenges of their problems. Dr. Jones provides clients with a safe environment for exploring their problems, understanding their motivations, and overcoming the power that these issues possess over them.

Certification as a trained hypnotist (CHt): Often, the greatest challenge that people face when they attend therapy is that they must commit to weeks, months, or years of sessions. These sessions can be painful and frustrating, especially if the patient has no clear indication that his or her time with the doctor is producing results.

Dr. Jones understands these problems and, years ago, began to identify ways to improve the therapeutic process. Hypnosis and guided imagery are two ways in which he is able to work directly with the unconscious part of a patient’s mind. Through this interaction, Dr. Jones can identify the traumas that are motivating unwanted emotions and behaviors within a person. He alleviates these concerns through a safe, effective treatment. Often, patients see results within one or two sessions and are able to overcome trauma much more quickly than if they had participated in traditional psychotherapy.

We invite you to schedule a discussion about Dr. Jones’ work in psychotherapy, addiction counseling, and marriage counseling. San Gabriel Valley offices can be reached at (626) 332-1595.