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Covina Family Counseling

Family Counseling: Covina’s Dr. Raymond Jones Offers Couples Effective, Supportive Therapy

Before they seek counseling, Covina men and women may recognize that they need help in their relationship, but they may not understand the problems they are having or how to overcome them.

Dr. Raymond Jones has supported hundreds of couples in similar circumstances with his work in family counseling. Covina couples rely on his guidance because of his proven ability to break through barriers and help families reconnect. Therapy allows them to rekindle the love, affection, and friendship that make for the best marriages.

The Courage of Love

In addition to his doctorate in psychology, Dr. Jones is licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) by the State of California. He offers a unique blend of relationship exercises and traditional counseling to break Covina couples out of the hurtful patterns that have trapped them in the past.

When Covina couples enter family counseling, one of the most important areas in which Dr. Jones focuses is helping each person in the relationship understand the barriers they create to happiness. His goal is for couples to practice “undefended love.”

It works like this: When people feel threatened or shamed, they react automatically with behaviors that can be harmful to the relationship. They become closed off emotionally, or they actively try to undermine the relationship.

Dr. Jones’ counseling exercises helps Covina couples learn to recognize these automatic reactions and to keep them in check. He shows families ways to demonstrate love with courage, trusting their spouse that they will be protected. Women learn to be strong without losing their femininity. Men find a balance between vulnerability and masculinity. As couples become stronger in their commitment to one another, they grow excited about the risks they are taking.

In the process of family counseling, Covina families learn to be authentic. They express to one another who they really are, what they value, and what they want the other person to feel. Sometimes, one or both people in the relationship benefit from individual counseling as well. This helps them to address the issues that are causing unwanted reactions.

Rediscovering Intimacy

In addition to emotional traps, too many couples settle for “hyposexuality”: a bland, neutral, or deficient approach to the sexual relationship. For some couples, shame, anger, or fear can prevent physical expressions of love or emotional intimacy. Also, rejecting intimacy or overcompensating for a lack of emotional intimacy can be harmful to the relationship.

Dr. Jones recognizes that intimacy is important to a happy marriage. In family counseling, Covina couples explore the internal motivations that are stopping them from having an open, intimate relationship. Through his counseling, many couples have rediscovered the romance that they shared at the beginning of their relationship, and this rediscovery strengthens every other part of their lives.


If you and your spouse could benefit from relationship therapy, get in touch with Dr. Jones, and discuss his work in individual and family counseling. Covina residents should call (626) 332-1595 to schedule an initial consultation.