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"Amazing how you taught these two old dogs techniques of romance after 32 years of marriage. "


Christian Family Counseling Glendora

Close-to-Home Christian Family Counseling – Glendora, California

Any journey that strengthens your family’s spirituality should be marked by inspiration, joy and discovery—not shame, guilt or judgment. At the Aspen Center, this attitude permeates our Christian family counseling. Glendora-based Dr. Raymond Jones, a Christian psychologist with a Masters in Divinity in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary, offers a deep philosophical knowledge of Christian traditions as well as an open respect for all faiths. Dr. Jones provides non-denominational spiritual counseling that can heal fractures within your family by helping you become more authentic in your own faith.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Because the parents are the heart and soul of the family, the value of premarital counseling and ongoing Christian marriage counseling cannot be overemphasized. Bringing couples onto common spiritual ground is one of the biggest challenges that marriages face. Dr. Jones appreciates the sensitivity of this issue and helps married or engaged couples speak openly about their faith or doubt in a non-confrontational environment as well as any other underlying fears, anxieties or uncertainties.

Christian Family Counseling

Today’s families face a number of unique challenges, and each family member copes with strife, anxiety and unmet emotional needs in different ways. This often creates unbearable tension within the home and a pervasive feeling of insecurity that follows family members to work, to school and into their romantic relationships. Dr. Jones helps ease this tension by working individually with each family member to ensure that they receive the appreciation and recognition within the family that he or she deserves.

Christian Addiction Counseling

In almost every case, reliance on a chemical substance, such as drugs, tobacco or alcohol, stems from a deep seated spiritual malady. Dr. Jones uncovers this spiritual void by releasing you from your craving. Then, he helps you repair the emotional wreckage that opened the door to addiction and abusive behavior. After addiction counseling, you’ll have the spiritual fulfillment you need to fully devote yourself to your family and loved ones.

As a Christian therapist, Dr. Jones can help you understand and uphold your own faith in a way that strengthens and nurtures your family.

For more information on Christian family counseling, Glendora families can call Aspen Center at (626) 332-1595 for a free consultation.