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"My heart was shattered. Your devotion and grace not only renewed my life, it renewed my relationship with God."


Addiction Counseling Pasadena

Your First Experience with Psychotherapy and Addiction Counseling | Pasadena-based Dr. Raymond Jones

The decision to seek therapy is not always easy. Often, people wrestle with issues of obsession and compulsion, or they become frustrated that they cannot resolve their issues. Sometimes, this is because they view the challenge as one of the intellect: an exhausting, unhappy puzzle that they are unable to solve.

Through his work in psychotherapy and addition counseling, Pasadena’s Dr. Raymond Jones understands the issues that people confront. He knows that many of the problems that we face may not be fixed by trying to reason through them because they come from a place inside us that goes beyond conscious thought.

This understanding is one of the reasons that patients choose Dr. Jones’ service and recommend his expertise to others. He approaches therapy from the standpoint of compassion and realism rather than assigning blame or offering criticism. His goal: to address the underlying motivations that are resulting in unwanted emotions and thoughts. He accomplishes these goals through a combination of psychotherapy, innovative techniques, and addiction counseling.

Pasadena Counseling Services: The Process

Typically, new patients contact Dr. Jones to schedule an “initial consultation.” During this important time together, the patient and Dr. Jones work to assess the severity of the issue that he or she is facing.

One of the most important aspects of this session is to determine whether there is a commitment to solving the problem. While this may seem strange, sometimes those who seek an initial consultation are not yet ready to carry through with the emotional experience of therapy. Dr. Jones and the client make this determination together, and if the patient is ready, they move to the next step.

This involves a review of the menu of possible interventions:

  • Patients dealing with compulsivity or obsession may decide to participate in addiction counseling.
  • Pasadena patients may be struggling with feelings of fatigue, deep sadness, and frustration that can be signs of depression.
  • Often, couples choose to see Dr. Jones because they are seeking marriage counseling or sexuality and intimacy therapy.

Whichever path they choose, patients can count on the uplifting, faith-based approach Dr. Jones provides in Christian counseling. Pasadena patients often choose him as their therapist because the guidance he offers is founded in religious tenets and a deep sense of understanding and morality.

For Those Living Elsewhere

If you are interested in psychotherapy or addiction counseling and Pasadena is not your home, Dr. Jones can arrange for alternative scheduling and meeting arrangements. For example, he can provide longer, less frequent sessions to cut down on travel. In some cases, Dr. Jones offers telephone counseling, emergency sessions, and weekend hours. His goal is to give the best in quality therapeutic services no matter your geographic situation. We invite you to experience his work for yourself.

Get in touch with Dr. Jones to learn more about psychological services and addiction counseling. Pasadena residents are encouraged to call (626) 332-1595 to schedule a confidential discussion.