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  1. Donna
    May 17, 2011

    I feel so strongly about this. Thank you for bringing this subject to light.
    My family and friends have always focused on my outer beauty and I grew up to believe that is where my worth is.
    The media is constantly telling young girls & women, with it’s barrage of ideal beauty that no women can measure up to, that they are not enough! Even women who are considered beautiful constantly compare themselves with these ideals that are unrealistic. Unfortunately being beautiful becomes a burden because this superficial world focuses on outer beauty so much that women who don’t get taught that their worth is inside, not outside feel this sense of their self worth as fragile & breakable with each photo she sees of another beauty.
    I am an addicted to getting attention for my looks. If others think I’m beautiful than I feel loved,accepted and happy. I get a high. A more beautiful women walks in the room and I am deflated and ugly and in my eyes….unlovable.
    I do realize intellectually that I am so much more than that. I’m kind,compassionate and creative. Still this is a struggle for me everyday.
    I grew up with a ogling dad that objectifies women. I distrust men and have avoided commitment because of my insecurities in myself. Nothing is worse to me than feeling vulnerable and insecure.
    I am 42 now. I can’t compare to any 20 year old beauty and I’m painfully dealing with this self worth issue. I am trying to find the beauty within me and stop the need for approval.
    I have an amazing boyfriend who truly loves me for who I am inside & is trying to help me with this. How with the constant images on the magazines at EVERY checkout and with every other commercial advertising Victoria secret beauties in bras as well as the objectification of women on TV & movies…can I get past this?
    I never had children and I thank God I don’t have a daughter who has to deal with this. It kills me to see young girls wearing makeup & trying to look sexy at 12! This is so very wrong.


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