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Becoming Romantically Creative

0807101651-for blogTrue Romantics are Rule-Breakers, and they are Creative, Quirky, Flexible, Observant, Childlike, Thoughtful, Fun, Wacky, and Curious, to name a few.

Romantics “work at being romantic.” Not the hard labor type of work, but like an artist works on a painting, gladly giving it time, effort, planning, thoughtfulness and a little frustration. I wish I could get paid for being a Romantic.

In today’s blog, I borrowed from an extremely talented artist who now lives in Northern California. Her blog on the work of creativity bears repeating.


Lyn Lasneski, Artist

Continued success requires habitual creativity.

This may seem counter-intuitive to some.  Creativity isn’t something you can force, so how can you possibly be creative every day? Keep in mind, a habit of creativity doesn’t necessarily guarantee an amazing breakthrough outcome each and every day. It may turn out, especially at first, most days result in creations that aren’t that great, inspiring, creative, or useful. But simply going through the process of creativity  helps you become more creative.
Good writers write every day. Good mathematicians do math every day. Good entrepreneurs undertake new projects every day. It’s not necessarily about the result or end product – although ending the day with something significant is nice – but it’s about the process. Getting into the habit of creativity will make you more creative.

1. Set aside some time each day for creative pursuits. It can be about art, business, relationships, or anything you see fit. But be sure you stick to your schedule.

2. Once you set aside a specific time, set the minimum amount of time you’ll spend in this creative session. Going longer is always okay – especially if your creativity really happens to flourish that day – but giving yourself enough time helps solidify the process.
3. Have a specific place for your creativity. Try to find a quiet, calm place. Over time, our bodies will learn to associate that certain room with creativity. This will prime your brain and make your sessions more effective.

4. Come prepared with any items you may need. You may only need a pen and paper, maybe a glass of water, but be sure you have everything you need when you sit down so you do not have to get up in the middle of your creativity.

5. Create. Just try. Go through the process. Some days will seem more successful than others, but every day you do it will be a success if only for the fact that you’re putting yourself through the process.
Spending time each day doing this will get you in the habit of creativity.


As a certified romantic and a Certified Romance Coach, I work at being romantic every week. I wish I could tell you I was thoughtful and romantic every day, but that’s not the situation. I am often distracted by administrative tasks that feel anything but romantic. But, I gladly work at it. Being romantic gives meaning to my life.

In future blogs, I will apply the principles above to the Art of Romance.

Read more from Artist, Lyn Lasneski at the following:


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